Skiing — unique experience

why skiing is cool

There I was. Standing at the top of the mountain figuring out how to ski down to foothill. This was my first real skiing experience several years after I have tried skiing at a small hill near my hometown. The view was breathtaking. High mountaines, woody landscape and a so steep downhill.  I was puzzeld how I would even walk it down.

I was so thrilled and determind to conqure the mountain peek and start skiing again that I could not afford waiting for the ski instructor for 30 minutes. Needless to say this was a painfull hour of nose-overs and intermitent cycles of falling and standing up. To everyone’s surprize I got to the slope end without any injury. Some people would say learning to ski on your own is a mistake. But I did it. I have been skiing for 10 years now and I love it!

Here are some facts about skiing that hooked me and kept me on the slopes.

Proving yourself. Learning to ski with or without instructor is up to everyone´s choice. Anyway, learning method will not be as important when you start rolling down the hill aside other skiers. All that matters is that you made it! You proved that you can overpower the mountain and enjoy the ride!  Funny, but this feeling comes to me after every first slope of the season. Maybe I should have waited for that instructor 🙂

Skiing takes you to new heights. Literally. The better you are — the higher you wish to go and treat yourself with greater views. Skiing sets the bar higher from season to season. There are always some new tricks to be learned and new techniques to be mastered. You won’t even notice it when you will find yourself at the peak you had considered unbeatable some time ago. Though, new views are achievable only if you are determined to improve yourself. Feeling you would like to broadcast in other life segments.

Milica Cerovic skiing

Great views. It is well known that spending time in nature and enjoying beautiful horizons improves happiness and well-being. While on skiing all it takes to enjoy it — is to get into chairlift and have this bird’s eye view of beautiful mountains set for you. To boost the excitement and zoom in the view just start off the skiing and head towards the chosen spot. Each mountain has its own charm and brings new experience. This is why I prefer changing ski resorts each year. Looking at the mountain peaks calms me down, reconnects me with nature and makes me forget about the city buzz.

Friendship. It is always fun being surrounded with open minded, courageous and adventurous people. If you already joined the crew and you liked it, there is no way you will want to skip it in the future. Each day brings new adventure. You will also experience tough, misty, cold and snowing days when all you wish for is to safely finish the slope. At such days good company will make the most of it!

And the last but not the least, compering to summer activities, you do not need to have gorgeous body to show off at skiing 🙂 Just get comfortable clothes and you are ready to shine.

If you are a skier I know that you would have to add lots of thoughts. If you have not tried it yet, I hope you got some ideas that will make you try.

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