why skiing is cool

There I was. Standing at the top of the mountain figuring out how to ski down to foothill. This was my first real skiing experience several years after I have tried skiing at a small hill near my hometown. The view was breathtaking. High mountaines, woody landscape and a so steep downhill.  I was puzzeld how I would even walk it down.

I was so thrilled and determind to conqure the mountain peek and start skiing again that I could not afford waiting for the ski instructor for 30 minutes. Needless to say this was a painfull hour of nose-overs and intermitent cycles of falling and standing up. To everyone’s surprize I got to the slope end without any injury. Some people would say learning to ski on your own is a mistake. But I did it. I have been skiing for 10 years now and I love it!

Here are some facts about skiing that hooked me and kept me on the slopes.

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